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Connect Online and Offline Experience (How to bring the In-store Experience into Online Shopping)

Shopping online has become a trend these days. Especially now, during the pandemic, everyone has switched to online due to necessity and safety. No matter if it is shopping or work. Everything has turned upside down and everyone has switched to the new normal, that is Digital. Shopping Online has a lot of advantages, such as easy returns, refunds, and exchanges. Every eCommerce website keeps improving its website to make the customer interface and experience better than before! It, in turn, kindles more customers to their website, which increases sales. The most important part of a rich customer experience is connecting Online and Offline Experience.

It is essential as the biggest disadvantage of online shopping is the absence of trying on clothes. Ecommerce platforms need to try very hard to cope and connect online and offline experiences so that the audience doesn’t feel at a disadvantage.

While shopping online, the most occurring problem that results in refunds, returns, or exchanges is the size issue. Everybody wants a dress or an outfit that fits them the best. But as they aren’t able to check the size and fitting by trying them, at certain times, they have to exchange or return it because it doesn’t fit them.

We understand this problem, and thus we have come up with an idea, Size Guarantee widget, that can help eCommerce platforms connect online and offline experiences at a larger scale. It also reduces the number of returns, refunds, or exchanges. You can get more information about the Size Guarantee at https://www.sizeguarantee.com/.

Follow the instructions below to know how can you do it all, with Size Guarantee.

Step 1.) The first and the foremost step that you have to do is head towards https://www.sizeguarantee.com/.

Step 2.) Once you have landed on the website, find the option that says Try Now.

Step 3.) Sign in with any of your social platform links. Once done, you will be requested to enter your WhatsApp Number. 

Step 4.) After you have provided your WhatsApp number, you need to verify it by entering the OTP that you will receive on your WhatsApp number.

Step 5.) When done with the verification process, select your gender.

Step 6.) Now, you have to provide pictures in three poses so Size Guarantee can determine your measurement. You can either upload the photos from your gallery or directly capture them in Size Guarantee app itself. Once chosen, upload your pictures in the clothes that fit you perfectly. It will help the widget to generate the perfect size for you.

Step 7.) And tada!! You have completed setting up your profile in Size Guarantee. Now you are all ready to head to your favorite eCommerce platform and shop till you drop!!

Size Guarantee is our way of helping popular brands and popular eCommerce platforms. Please feel free to drop your suggestions anytime!!

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