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Dress size finder guide – sounds good but strange. How can just somebody sitting online can give you the perfect size guide and help you to find what fits you the best? We know it would sound somewhat new and strange to you, but yes we have finally come up with such a thing to help you. Wondering what? Keep reading to know more.

Online shopping comes with the responsibility of finding the perfect size dress for yourself among the thousands of dresses that are available online. And not to forget, this is a hard thing for you. Although you can return, get a refund, or exchange the product but within the next 7-15 days of getting it. But some of us are so lazy that we can’t just do it. Also, who wants to return the pretty dresses they have got after waiting for so long for it to get delivered. Sounds unusual and boring right?

Come on! We will spice it up for you. We have introduced a plugin that can act as your Dress size finder guide throughout your online shopping journey. It will help you in having a better shopping experience and also in keeping your clothes and not refunding them because of size issues.

Our plugin will act as the perfect address size finder for you. Okay, No more suspense! The tool is called Size Guarantee. You can find it at https://www.sizeguarantee.com/. Once you have gone through the website, you find the option of Trying it now. You can also add it to your browser as an extension. This plugin works with all major and minor e-commerce websites which include Flipkart, myntra, etc.

Start by creating your profile, Entering and confirming your WhatsApp Number with the help of the OTP received. Then, upload your latest photos wearing the dresses that fit you perfectly and the ones in which you feel comfortable. This will help the system in generating the perfect dress size for you. You can use this size on all your eCommerce platforms.

Note – Remember to upload the measurements of your latest dress that fits you perfectly.

Guess what? Not only Size Guarantee is the right plugin for you and would make your work easier but also allows you to keep updating your measurements from time to time. We understand that all of us are growing and so we have kept this option for all our users.

After you have done everything from creating a profile to uploading your photos and to getting your perfect size from the plugin, you are all set to go and shop the best of dresses for yourself and that too without thinking about the measurement.

Size Guarantee is your perfect dress size finder guide and will make sure that you get the perfect fitted dresses for yourself every time you shop online. In addition to that, it will also help you to stay away from the loop of refunds and exchanges.

Let us know if you any queries related to our plugin and we would be more than happy to solve them for you.

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