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“Find my size by measurements” – The topic tells you that you have landed at the place where you’ll get the answer to your question of How to find my size by measurements. Don’t worry! Your search for the answer will initially stop here. You don’t have to search for more blogs after this. Wondering how? Keep reading to know more.

Online shopping looks easy but sadly there are no options that will help you in finding the correct size for you by taking your measurements. You have to keep scrolling and keep looking at the product description to find the size of the particular product you are looking for. Yes! Some sites fo make it easier, but not every time their short size guide matches your descriptive size guide. SO to solve this entire chaos of Find my size by measurements, we have got something super amazing for you. Thinking what? Keep reading, and find it out yourself.

We have come up with the solution and that solution is very easy to do. All that you have to do is install a simple plugin, and you are done. The name of this simple plugin is Size Guarantee and can be found at sizeguarantee.com. Head over to the website mentioned to follow the further steps.

After you have reached the website, follow the below-listed steps to do it accurately, perfectly, and make the best use of the plugin that we just introduced to you.

Step 1) After that you have reached the destination website, find the option of Try Now in the website. You will also find the option of Adding it as an extension.
Step 2.) once you have chosen the try Now option, you will be asked to log in using a social link such as Facebook, Google, etc.

Step 3.) After this step, you’ll be asked to enter your WhatsApp Number. Also, you need to verify it by entering the OTP that you have received.

Step 4.) Select your gender and preferred mode. Once done, start by uploading photos in the dresses that fit you perfectly.

Note –  Please see that the photos you upload should be recent, this will help the plugin to determine/generate the right size for you.

Step 5.) Once you are done uploading the photos, the plugin will tell you the size that suits you perfectly which will help you in shopping the best fit for you at every eCommerce store you browse.

And you are set! Ready to go. Once you have logged in and got your size measurements generated by the plugin, the process is complete. Now you can head over to any eCommerce platform of your choice and shop till you drop. And now, with a size guarantee, shop for every dress of your size.

And not to forget, you can keep updating your size anytime as per your convenience. 

So this is was our answer to all your questions of Find my size by measurements. Feel free to let us know in terms of any questions or queries and we will be more than happy to help you.

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