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How to Buy a Perfect Outfit for Your Loved Ones on This Festival Session

It is the season of gifts! And what is better than giving the perfect sized outfits as gifts! Not everyone has the opportunity to get the perfect fitted clothes for them. And this time, you don’t even have to ask them their dress size, but still, you would be able to give them the well and perfectly fitting outfit. Wondering how? Read further to know more.

We have introduced a plugin named Size Guarantee, and it helps shoppers purchase perfect sized clothes. You can check out the plugin at www.sizeguarantee.com. Shopping online has become the latest trend these days because online shopping offers various advantages, such as easy returns, refunds, and exchanges. But with online shopping comes the crucial disadvantage, which is you do not get to try and see the apparels, as you can in the stores. And that is why you cannot be sure of the size of the attire you are about to purchase. But, with the Size Guarantee plugin as your partner in shopping, you can be pretty sure that you are going to buy the best and the perfectly fitting dress for yourself and even for somebody else too.

Are you planning to buy a perfectly fitting outfit for yourself or somebody else? Simply follow the steps below to get it done!

Step 1.) Head over to https://www.sizeguarantee.com/. It is your friend in your entire journey of shopping for perfect, comfortable clothes online.

Step 2.) Look for the button that says Try Now. This option will help you in trying out the plugin. 

Step 3.) Now, create a profile in Size Guarantee. When creating a profile, it asks you to login using social media links such as Google, Facebook, email and more.

Step 4.) Once you are created and logged in to your profile, you need to enter your WhatsApp number. Once entered, you need to verify it by entering the OTP that you will receive on your WhatsApp number.

Step 5.) Once done, select verify your gender.

Step 6.) Now, you have to upload your photos or the photos of that person for whom you are planning to buy the outfit, in three different poses. The plugin will determine the measurement automatically from the pictures. This measurement will help Size Guarantee calculate the perfect fitting clothes size for you or your loved ones.

Step 7.) With this size that you get after uploading the pictures in Size Guarantee, you can shop online with ease on any eCommerce platform.

Size guarantee plugin can integrate with all kind of eCommerce platforms. It was our guide for all of those looking to buy their loved ones a perfect and comfortable outfit this festive season! 

Please feel free to reach out to us for any suggestions or queries.

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