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All of us have commonly heard our elders saying – Not all fingers are equal. This means not all situations are the same, no two people look exactly the same and have the exact same moods and behavior. This also means that everyone has a different body and definitely a different body size. The body size of a person depends upon many factors such as hereditary, diseases, etc. But, everybody size whether L or XXL, all of them are special and all of them are entitled to wearing good clothes that fit them well and make them look fabulous. Many of our users always have a query on how

Ecommerce has attracted several offline customers to online shopping. Also, the pandemic has forced people to stay inside and shop for even the smallest of things online.

Shopping for clothes online is easier as compared to going out, looking for your kind of dresses and returning back with just 1-2 or sometimes returning back with no dresses at all. But when you shop online, you can see thousands of dresses in various patterns and sizes all under one roof. You don’t have to different shops for different kinds of clothes! All that you have to do is head over to any of the eCommerce stores such as Myntraa, Jabong, etc., and search for the clothes you are looking for. You will get an entirely different section for your preferred clothes.

Not only this, you can apply filters as well. These filters would help you to narrow your choices and get clothes accordingly. Some of the filters include – highest to lowest, fabric, discounts, etc. You can apply these filters according to your choice to make sure you get the best deals and obviously the best clothes.

All these things can be done at the comfort of your home and that too with the help of just touching your fingers on the screen. Not only this, there are easy refund and exchange options as well. But we are pretty sure, no one of us likes to refund our orders. Several times we have to exchange our orders or refund because of varied reasons. These reasons can be size issues, low-quality fabric, etc. But the most common issue is the size issue. Read on to know how this size issue can be solved.

The easiest way to solve the size problem for the rest of your shopping needs is to make them disappear forever. Sounds weird, right?  We will tell you how to do it. Just a few easy steps and it’s done. Follow the steps below to get your answer to the question – “How to measure body size for clothing”?

Step 1.) Head over to https://www.sizeguarantee.com/. It is a plugin that helps you to get the right size of clothes.

Click on the “Try Now” option. This will take you to a page where you will be asked to login into the plugin using any social link.

Step 2.) Once done, enter your WhatsApp number. You also need to verify your WhatsApp number.

Step 3.) Once you have verified your number, select your gender and choose your preferred mode.

Step 4.) Upload your recent photos in the dresses that fit you perfectly and make you feel comfortable.

Step 5.) Once done with all the steps that are mentioned above , you will get the perfect size measurements generated by the plugin.

Note – Recent photos are required to find the exact size. Old photos can help in wrong size calculation.

Step6.) And! You are all set. Now, just go to any of your favorite eCommerce platforms and start shopping.

This was our guide on “How to measure body size for clothing”. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries or any suggestions with respect to the content displayed above.

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