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How To Start Using Size Guarantee On Your E-Commerce Stores?

The sizing of clothing is a flawed machine. Despite attempts to standardize it, there is staggering inconsistency in sizes across countries, products, and even within the same brand.

According to research, nearly half of all online shoppers in the United States purchase different sizes of the same product, with the idea to return the not-fitting clothes later after trying them on. Furthermore, based on their previous return experiences, 13% of Americans say they will not shop at the store again.

For eCommerce store owners, it can be challenging to handle orders, pitch new customers, and cope with product returns as more and more apparel companies enter the world of eCommerce. Unnecessary inventory returns, on the other hand, serve as a significant impediment to the company workflow.

Shopping for clothes online is a complex activity since there are many obstacles to overcome to get the right size clothes. Size Guarantee is an AI-powered plugin that can connect with your retail store and the world’s leading eCommerce sites to provide consumers with a seamless shopping experience.

But How Will You Use Size Guarantee?

You can easily integrate the plugin with eCommerce platform providers, including Shopify, Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, and Bigcommerce, to provide your customers with a hassle-free shopping range experience. The algorithm of Size Guarantee works straightforwardly.

  • Visit The Website: To seamlessly use the Size Guarantee widget, all you need to do is visit the Size Guarantee website and click on TRY NOW. After that, you need to fill out your information with the email address, which you need to validate later.
  • Set Up The Store: After validating your email address, you need to log in and set up your store in Size Guarantee by filling in the details requested on the page, such as First Name, Last Name and Store URL, and more.
  • Get The App: Then, you will be requested to install the app depending on your store’s platform. For instance, if your store is in Shopify, you will be redirected to the Shopify app store for the app installation. Whereas, if it is a WooCommerce store, you will need to download and install the WooCommerce plugin of Size Guarantee.
  • Servers Do The Work: The moment the app installation is complete, Size Guarantee servers will analyze all the products from your online store and create an optimized size chart. However, this process can take nearly 10 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the number of products in your store.

When the servers have completed analyzing your products, you will receive a confirmation email that tells you the integration of the Size Guarantee app into your store is complete.

  • Configure the App: After the email confirmation, you need to enable the KNOW YOUR SIZE button in the Size Guarantee console. Now, you will be able to use the KNOW YOUR SIZE button on your eCommerce store.
  • Final Steps: After you receive the email, if you would like, you can change the look and feel of the KNOW YOUR SIZE button in the console. Along with that, you can also create a Demo user to try our app and experience the size recommendation given by Size Guarantee.

That’s all! Now your customers can use Size Guarantee to choose their perfect size clothes when they shop at your store.

How Can Your Customers Use Size Guarantee?

Your customers have to create a profile when they use Size Guarantee for the first time. They follow the below three simple steps.

  • The first thing that the customer needs is to register their profile with any of their social accounts.
  • After which, they have to upload three pictures of themselves in three poses with their best-fitted clothes that they own. It will help the system to calculate the measurements.
  • Once they have uploaded the pictures, the system will recommend your customers the perfect size whenever they select a dress through your eCommerce store.

With the competition in the apparel eCommerce industry, it’s essential, more than ever, to keep your online wardrobe store up to date with the latest resources to reduce returns and have a pleasant shopping experience. When it comes to predicting the clothing size for shoppers, Size Guarantee is the most effective one for you!

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