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Know Your Size

If you are an eCommerce store owner, you would know the struggles of refund, returns, and exchanges by customers due to the size issue. And, when we say this, please understand that we understand how you feel. Especially in recent days of COVID-19, eCommerce shopping has seen tremendous growth. It is because people were stuck inside their homes and couldn’t go anywhere. Also, eCommerce or online shopping offers various advantages that offline shopping doesn’t. These advantages include the flexibility of shopping anytime, anywhere, choosing from 1000s of patterns, browsing all of them under a few taps and clicks, home delivery, and many others. But the crucial disadvantage of Online shopping is that you don’t get to try the clothes before buying them. Also, you cannot see the quality of the clothes. Although the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, it does not help the e-commerce stores because they have to pay extra costs and suffer from losses because of these exchanges caused by the Size issue.  

When a customer returns a product or exchanges it, not all of them come as it is. Some of them are spoiled, have stains, and some lack the texture that defines that these clothes are new. But the eCommerce store or the online store still has to take them back because of the trust their loyal customers have in them and the policies. These exchanges and returns increase the overall inventory and maintenance costs. And also the company pays the charges of shipping the product again and again. 

The Know your Size feature was introduced with the aim to let all users experience in store experience by choosing the right dresses and clothes for themselves. Everybody loves fitted clothes for themselves and wait desperately for the dress they have bought online.  The main purpose of creating the Know your size is to reduce the number of returns, returns and exchanges at every ecommerce store and make the customers of all ecommerce stores satisfied with the dresses they order and get. It’s very easy to use the Know Your Size feature. All you need to do –

For Eg. If you choose a t-shirt, here are the windows that will appear and the steps that need to be followed in order to make the best use of it.

Talking about the Size Corner App, all that you need to to find the best fitter clothes for yourself and create your user login. Creating your user login is a easy task and all that you have to do to help the system generate your size is to upload three poses of yourself from 3 different angles and that to in your favourite and best fitted clothes. These photos helps the Size Corner App in generating the perfect size for you.

As you login into the Size Corner App, you’ll land on the Home Page of the app. The App is an online on you can consider it as an In-Store App List for the best fitted products. As you direct yourself towards the store, you will find a list of all the stores curated especially for you. You can select any store and get the list of all the products that are available in that store and that too the products that fit you the best.

  1. Head to our website https://www.sizeguarantee.com/directory/. Find the button that says “Know Your Size” and The first thing that the customer needs to do is to login into the plugin. For this, they can use any of their social accounts.
  2. After which they have to upload the pictures of themselves with their best-fitted clothes that they own. It will help the system to calculate their measurements and in finding the right size for them.
  3. Once they have uploaded the pictures, the system will automatically generate the best-suited size for your customer.

This three simple steps can help your customer shopping for best-fitted clothes with ease. And, it will reduce your return and exchange rates and improve your customer shopping experience.

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