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Who doesn’t loves to shop? Everybody is moving to the online space these days for a better shopping experience. Amidst all the new trend of online shopping and refund and exchange options available, there are things such as the size measurement issue that cause you to refund and exchange the dress you had waited for so long! SO here we are to solve your query about My Dress size measurements. We have all the tools and guidance that you need to get the perfect size measurements for yourself.

Perfect size dresses are a blessing! And we want all of you to be blessed and that is why we have introduced a plugin that would help you in doing so. This plugin is a special one and keeps all your concerns away when it comes to – What would be my dress size measurements. You have landed at the exact place that will give you the perfect solution for it. Wait no longer! Read on to find the treasure.

And the answer to all your queries is the Size Guarantee plugin. This plugin named Size guarantee will be your size guide in all the eCommerce platforms that you shop. You can find it at https://www.sizeguarantee.com/. Once you find the plugin, follow the steps given below to know how to make the best use of it.

Step 1.) Search for the button or option that says Try Now. You will also find the Add to Chrome – this is the option that will add this plugin to your browse’s extension.

Step 2.) After you have reached the website, create your login by logging in with any of your social links. Once logged in, enter your WhatsApp Number.

Step 3.) Verify your number by entering the OTP that has been sent to your respective number.

Step 4.) Select your Gender and choose the mode.

Step 5.) Upload your latest photos in the dress that fits you perfectly so that the system can generate

Step 6.) You will get a system generated size which you can choose to shop for products online that fits you well.

Step 7.) All this done and you are all set to go! After having uploaded your dress size measurements, you can go to any eCommerce platform to buy the dress that fits you right, and the one that you won’t have to refund or get exchanged due to any measurement and size issues.

Note – Please note, that it’s easy to keep updating your size measurements whenever you feel like updating them.

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