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The global online apparel market is likely to grow to $765 billion by the year 2022. In the future, 36% of the total fashion retail sales will occur online in the coming years. There is a substantial rise in the apparel eCommerce industry, mainly because online shopping offers fashion shoppers a new world of opportunities.

With more and more apparel organizations stepping into the world of eCommerce, it can be challenging managing the sales, pitching new users, and dealing with product returns. Collaborating with digital influencers works is excellent when it comes to grabbing new customers. However, unnecessary product returns act as significant resistance to the business workflow.

One of the most common reasons for ever-increasing apparel returns is the size mismatch issues. You can quickly reduce returns with the Size Guarantee AI-powered plugin. The unique plugin helps both shoppers and sellers choose the perfect size without experiencing any size mismatch issues.

How it benefits shop owners?

Shopping for clothes online is a hefty task as one face diverse challenges in getting a perfect size. It is because there are various clothing brands, each with its size charts. It causes difficulties for shoppers when selecting their size. So by helping the customers get their ideal clothing size with ease, the store owners can reduce the returns.

Our Size Guarantee product assists your customer get their ideal clothing size and fit before they make the purchase. Hence, you can reduce the undesirable returns from your shoppers caused by size mismatches, thus reducing losses and increasing your sales and profits.

How it benefits individual shoppers?

There is a seismic shift in how individual shoppers used to shop online. Now, they are not only limited to certain eCommerce providers and are trying out new sellers. It increases the responsibilities of online apparel store owners.

With the Size Guarantee app at hand, the shoppers can get the best-fitted size for them. Size Guarantee is AI-powered, developed, and designed to deliver the perfect size for its users.

All the shopper’s had to do is add pictures in three different poses for the algorithm to process their measurements, after which it can suggest the ideal clothing size for them. With our perfect sizing partner, there is no need to return the product you purchased because of size mismatch issues, and all your efforts in selecting the best product will not go in vain.

How does the algorithm work?

The algorithm uses artificial intelligence and machine learning while processing three different user poses to define the best fit and size.

The poses majorly focus on four different body parts of users. Shoppers can import their pictures from the gallery or clicking them directly in the tool.

The three poses

1) Cash pose

The cash pose includes clicking a picture with a bill in your hand in front of your waist. You will be able to see the four body parts displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, namely,

● Legs: Stand straight and keep your legs together.
● Hands: The hands should be in front of your waist, holding the bill.
● Body: Ensure that you are standing straight.
● Head: Do not keep your head down; keep the chin up to get the best click.

You will see the four options going green as soon as the camera detects the correct posture.

2) Front pose

For this pose, face the camera, follow the below steps and take the picture.

● Legs: Stand straight and keep your legs closer together.
● Hands: Draw your hands away from your body to your side.
● Body: Keep your body straight.
● Head: Keep your head straight and chin centred for the best picture.

3) Side pose

This pose displays the left profile of the user. Turn left from the camera and take the picture. Follow the same steps as the other two poses; the right-hand bar will go green once done.

● Legs: Stand straight and keep your legs close to each other.
● Hands: Keep your hands straight and stick them to your body for the correct posture.
● Body: Keep your body straight, displaying the left side of the face in the pose.
● Head: Focus on keeping your head straight, chin up, and get the picture clicked.

You can also upload images from your storage drive clicked in these same poses.

Are your photos secure?

Privacy is an essential factor when it comes to sharing your photos online. The Size Guarantee plugin understands an individual user’s privacy and never saves your images to their dedicated server. As soon as the plugin calculates the measurements, the users’ photos get automatically deleted from the server.

Size Guarantee does not share your personal information with any third party, so your photos are safe and secure with the Size Guarantee plugin.


With the increasing competition in the apparel eCommerce industry, it is necessary to keep your online apparel store updated with the latest tools to minimize returns, increase sales and provide a hassle-free shopping experience. Size Guarantee is the best tool when it comes to predicting the size of the users. Adding on, it can integrate with various eCommerce platform providers, such as Shopify, Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce. Similarly, it is beneficial for individual users to get their ideal clothes size online without worries. Give the Size Guarantee app a try for your eCommerce store now!

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