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Save Unnecessary transaction Fee in Returns

Nobody likes returns. Whether we talk about the customers or the company, nobody wants to have products returned. The return facility is accessible to customers in every kind of product they purchase online. But do you know where most of the product returns take place? Yes, what you are thinking is exactly right! Most of the product returns take place in the clothing industry. The returns are due to reasons, such as size issues, clothing material issues, improper stitching, and more, but most returns take place due to the size issue. This problem is the one which most of the customers face. Customers might overlook some of these problems, but the size issue cannot be, as everybody loves to wear clothes that fit them the best.


Irrespective of the issue, returns can be reduced, especially the ones that are due to incorrect size, if every website that sells clothes online contains a better size chart. Every eCommerce website or stores have a size chart that tells the customers which clothing size they can order. But the customers need more details to choose the best fitting clothes, such as a size chart with age group and the body shape. It can even include the length of the pockets, sleeves, and ankle-length and more.


When we talk about returns, there are several types of returns, where the shopper wants the money back and the other one where the shopper wants to exchange for a different clothes size. Usually, people take the money back because they think they don’t know the exact size, and it would be a headache for them to try different sizes again and again. When the shopper request a refund (money-back), there is a transaction, and every time there is a transaction, there will be a charge for it. This charge is not ideal for both the shopper and the website where they are purchasing the product. 


To avoid the returns of the product due to size issues, the online merchants selling clothes can install a tool named the Size Guarantee. Size Guarantee is a tool that helps the customer find the right size clothes, and e-Commerce business can integrate this tool to reduce their returns.


Also, returns need to be segregated, sorted and set it back to their respective shelves. It will cause inconvenience to the inventory maintenance, and it leads to a waste of time. Therefore, online merchants should reduce their returns, and it is possible with the Size Guarantee tool. Size Guarantee is a tool that helps the customer find the right size clothes, and e-Commerce business can integrate this tool to reduce their returns. And integrating with the Size Guarantee is easy, and it supports all kinds of eCommerce platforms.


When there are fewer returns to process, the merchants can focus their time effectively to deliver products on time. Also, the inventory can remain new and clean, and the customer would have a good experience in shopping on the website. Not only that, customers would love to shop again on your website because they are satisfied and happy with your services and the product they would be receiving.


Integrate your eCommerce store with the Size Guarantee app now to reduce your returns and be a well-loved store by all your customers!

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