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Size Corner – The Mobile APP

As the name suggests, Size Corner is the place or the corner where you can get your size that you can use to shop both online and offline. Ecommerce and online shopping is the latest trend but certain people still like to shop offline. This is because they feel that they won’t get the perfect size dress if they order online. Keeping the issues of both the eCommerce store owners and the customers in mind, we developed the Size Guarantee plugin. This plugin helps consumers in shopping for the perfect fit dress for themselves and also helps the eCommerce store owners by reducing the number of refunds, returns, and exchanges. But, that doesn’t mean the product is just for people who have eCommerce stores or online stores or just for those people who shop online. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Size guarantee isn’t just for online stores and for the people who love to shop online. But, it’s for those people as well who shop offline and for offline store owners too. Size guarantee has different ways of working both online and offline but trust us, it’s easier to use it everywhere. Thinking how can it be possible? Don’t worry, we are here for you.

The Size Corner App is the online store that provides all users with a list of stores that has the products best fitted for their size. The Size Corner App gives users a chance to experience offline in- store experience in online ecommerce stores. It comes as blessing for all those store owners who have a clothing store but also want to convert their store online. This helps them as not only their store but with Size Corner their ecommerce store will also help users in experiencing the in store experience and that too at the comfort of their home.

For Eg. If you choose a t-shirt, here are the windows that will appear and the steps that need to be followed in order to make the best use of it.

Talking about the Size Corner App, all that you need to to find the best fitter clothes for yourself and create your user login. Creating your user login is a easy task and all that you have to do to help the system generate your size is to upload three poses of yourself from 3 different angles and that to in your favourite and best fitted clothes. These photos helps the Size Corner App in generating the perfect size for you.

As you login into the Size Corner App, you’ll land on the Home Page of the app. The App is an online on you can consider it as an In-Store App List for the best fitted products. As you direct yourself towards the store, you will find a list of all the stores curated especially for you. You can select any store and get the list of all the products that are available in that store and that too the products that fit you the best.

  • Once you are done with the above, and you click the store option, you’ll be asked to log in. You can log in to the app using any of your social platforms. Once you are logged in, you’ll find a list of all the stores both online and offline that use Size Guarantee for their customers and you can get your best-fit outfits there.
  • There is another option in the footer of the plugin, that says Your Size. here, you can select the store and the place where you want to use the Size Guarantee for generating the size.
  • Another option, that says capture cloth, is the one that allows you to capture the cloth and get to know the size of the cloth.
  • The last option i.e. the setting tab will give you certain details, such as your profile, your my size guarantee id, and also the option of deleting your account and all your information from Size Guarantee. You can also logout of your account and open another account in the same plugin.

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