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A clothing size calculator is something that helps you to calculate the exact size of clothes. Hence, making it easier to find the perfectly fitted clothes for you! 

When you are ordering your clothes online, you need to make sure that you order the right size dresses for yourself. And to do that, you do need to know your size. Of course, refunds and exchanges are available when it comes to online shopping. But, you might not always get the chance to refund or exchange the dresses you have ordered online. 

But not to worry! Because we are here for your rescue. We have introduced a plugin named “Size Guarantee” that will act as your Clothing Size Calculator and help you shop for the right fitted clothes for you whenever you shop online. In addition to this, the plugin is easy to use and available free of cost. All you have to do is install and setup your profile in the plugin. Then you can use it in every e-Commerce platform that you usually shop your clothes.

So, how to set up your profile in Size Guarantee? Follow these few simple and easy steps.

Step 1.) The very first step that you have to do is to head over to https://www.sizeguarantee.com. Click on the “Try Now” button.

Step 2.) Now, create your profile on the website. When creating a profile, it will ask you to login using social media links such as Google, Facebook, email and more.

Step 3.) Now it will ask you to enter your WhatsApp number, and you need to verify it by entering the OTP that you will receive on your WhatsApp number.

Step 4.) Once you have verified, select your gender.

Step 5.) Now, you have to provide pictures in three different poses so Size Guarantee can determine your measurement. You can either upload the photos from your gallery or directly capture them in Size Guarantee app itself.

Step 6.) Once you have uploaded your photos, you will get the size that fits you perfectly.

Note –  The system will generate the size based on your photos, so make sure to upload your latest photos to get the exact size.

Step 7.) And tada! You are all set with your dress guide. Now, all that you have to do is head over to your favorite shopping site and shop for those clothes you wished to have. And that too in the perfect size!

As the body keeps changing, we have to keep your measurements up-to-date to get a perfect clothing size for you. So, how do you do that? You can change your size measurements in the Size Guarantee plugin anytime you want. It is quite simple, all that you have to do is, upload your latest photos into Size Guarantee. It will calculate your new measurement and update it automatically. 

Size Guarantee plugin helps you with all sorts of size issues that you may face in the future while shopping online for all kinds of clothes. So start using the Size Guarantee plugin and enjoy shopping online!

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