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Shop Confidently with Size Guarantee

Shopify App Installation Steps

Shop Confidently with Size Guarantee

On-Boarding Process


Improved CX, Stronger CSAT

Integrate with your Shopify platform seamlessly and a few clicks improve your relationship with your customers.

Reduce Drop-Offs

With customers getting the perfect size every time, your drop-offs wil decrease organically.

Enhance CX

We store size profiles, so your customers can seamlessly make purchases

Reduce Returns

Your customers will get the perfect size, “Measured to match”. So, fewer returns for you

Increased CSAT

Lesser returns, lesser drop-offs-More satisfied customers. Higher CSAT for you.

Competitive Advantages

How We are differ from others

Here are the top three reasons why Size Guarantee will guarantee success for your online store


The customer inputs their size into the plug-in once. That’s it! The system saves the information and tallies the data with those on your store charts, helping your customers find the right size automatically. That way, you boost customer conversion on your website and also minimize the overhead cost of managing returns or fielding repetitive support tickets.

This is a classic example of assisting the self-serve or DIY customer who is looking to help themselves, instead of waiting for your support team to pick up the phone. 


There are two things we hold sacred: Customer data and customer trust. Our systems are completely secure and complaint and we don’t share customer data with third-parties.

We do not store the image without customer 
consent. We need your measurement only.

Customer Experience

Today, customer experience (CX) has become a brand differentiator in a competitive landscape. But what is it? CX is the total sum of a customer’s perception of how a brand treats them and these perceptions affect behaviours and memories that lead to customer loyalty. 

Gartner reveals that 89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience, while Bain reports that although 80% of companies believe they deliver “super experiences,” a mere 8% of customers agree.

When you solve sizing concerns with a simple plug-in you tell the consumer that you care about their experience. You don’t expect shoppers to do the heavy lifting—Google sizing standards, contact support, or return an order if it didn’t fit. Instead, you make life easy for them, creating pleasant memories and driving loyalty.